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Feel like royalty | How about an espresso with notes of JASMINE FLOWERS and RIPE CARAMBOLA? This is Geisha, one of the most valuable coffees in the world, with a medium acidity that resembles the sensation of sucking a Tahiti lime and a sweet finish.

100% ARABICA | This is the “Best Coffee in the World”, according to the 2018 Cup of Excellence. The title lives up to the fame of this coffee, which, in Japan, was chosen by the Imperial family as the official drink of the palace. The floral aroma brings back memories of grandma's house, which creates balance
+SUPERSPECIAL | This coffee follows international standards from the Specialty Association Coffee (SCA). This means that it complies with the rules of the world association of specialty coffees and fulfills a series of protocols, such as aroma, flavor, body and sensory aspects. Therefore, it does not need sugar, as it has natural sweetness, balanced acidity, floral sensory notes and many flavors. All with affection, inspiration and connections. That's the invitation: welcome to the extraordinary world of Coffee++!

SPECIAL COFFEE X TRADITIONAL COFFEE | Specialty coffee is the power of flavor, with 100% Arabica beans, differentiated sensory aspects, balanced acidity and natural sweetness. Traditional coffee can have a blend of Robusta beans (conilon), which means more caffeine, bitterness and less flavor. Then, to hide the defects, the industry accentuates the roasting of the beans and burns the coffee. Therefore, coffee is not originally black (charred), but brown. How about stopping drinking burnt coffee and getting to know the natural sweetness of special beans?

Origin: Brazilian